We get it….You HATE TO floss. During your cleanings, you promise that you floss regularly. Your mouth says otherwise. You are cheating yourself out of great oral health! Flossing removes hidden plaque and debris between your teeth. When you skip out on the floss, you are missing 35% of your tooth’s surface.

Here are a few reasons to brush…

1. Brushing alone isn’t enough.

2. Flossing helps protect your teeth and your gums.

3. At-home preventative care, like flossing and brushing, is much cheaper than major dental work and emergency visits.

4. Flossing helps keep both your mouth and heart healthy! It is shown that flossing removes bacteria that can often lead to heart disease.

Need a few flossing pointers?

1. Use a strand that is around half the length of your arm, as it will shorten some.

2. Gently curve the floss around the base of each tooth. Be careful! Forcing floss can bruise your gum tissue.

3. When moving to the next tooth, use a clean section of floss.

4. Brush BEFORE you Floss. With less plaque caught between your teeth, the fluoride in your toothpaste can better do its job.

We hope that you will consider improving your flossing habits. Take baby steps and work your way up to flossing every day. At your next appointment, we will be glad to show you the correct way to floss.

Happy Flossing!

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