Are you struggling to get your child to brush their teeth? We know it can be frustrating, but it is important to continue to encourage them to brush. We hope these tips will help make brushing fun for them and easier for you.

  1. Let them practice on a stuffed animal or doll. Brushing can be intimidating for some children. Letting them practice on their favorite toy or even you, can make brushing seem fun.
  2. Don’t stress over toothpaste. Toothpaste can often be what is hindering children from brushing. Instead of immediately getting frustrated, first start with them just using a wet brush and getting adjusted to brushing.
  3. Start a reward system. It is important to be positive. Instead of using punishment or threatening that no brushing will lead to cavities and dentist visits, use a reward system. A small reward at the end of the week for brushing daily can help make a difference.
  4. Be a good influence. Your children are more likely to embrace healthy hygiene habits if they see you taking charge. Make brushing a family event by getting everyone involved each night.


Is it time for your child’s hygiene appointment? We invite you to give us a call. It is important to monitor your child’s oral health and to start early with regular visits. We look forward to treating your entire family.

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