Men today are less likely than women to take care of their smiles, according to the American Dental Association. This is a problem because men are still vulnerable to the dental issues that can destroy their oral health. In fact, statistics show that men are more likely to develop gum disease than women. Men are also vulnerable to dental issues if they:

Take medications
Dry mouth is a common dental problem that is inconvenient and annoying. It tends to develop when one takes many medications throughout the day. This issue is more serious than you might think because it can promote tooth decay and gum disease. So, the best way to prevent dry mouth is to:

-Avoid eating salty foods
-Use alcohol-free mouthwash daily
-Avoid using tobacco products
-Avoid drinking alcohol
-Chew sugarless gum

Use tobacco products
If you use any kind of tobacco product, we ask that you please quit the habit as soon as possible. Tobacco tends to promote gum disease and oral cancer, which are dangerous diseases that can result in tooth loss and death. If you need help quitting the habit, please feel free to talk to your dentist.

Play sports
Sports can keep your body in tip-top shape, but sometimes they can harm your smile. There are many hard, forceful objects involved in high-contact sports and activities, which means that there is a high chance of oral injury, like tooth loss, tooth fractures, and jaw misalignments. So, please do your best to protect your smile each practice and game with a mouthguard.

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